+ Directions

Parking: To access the General Admission Parking Lots, exit Line 7 off Highway 11 and follow the directional signage.

Camping: For all Camping, exit line 7 directly off Highway 11 and follow the directional signage.

• Gates for Camping will be opening at 3pm on Friday, July 19th. No new entries after 10PM on Saturday, July 20th.

• Hang tags that have your chosen site locations on them and tickets are required for all RVs - they will have to be visible inside your RV or car for staff to help direct you to your designated site.

• If you purchased your RV site prior to July 3, you should have received your site hang tag in the mail. If you purchased your RV site after July 3rd, or it has not arrived in the mail, please come to the Box Office on Line 7 on Friday, July 19th after 3pm or Saturday, July 20th after 9am with your I.D. and your tickets for your RV to pick up your hang tag.

There is no access to Burl’s Creek Event Grounds from Line 8.

+ Box Office Location & Hours

Parking Box Office
Located at the Line 7 tolls. Parking/Camping and General Admission tickets can be purchased. Open on Friday, July 19th from 3pm until 10pm and Saturday, July 20th after 9am.

Main Gate Box Office
Located outside the Main Festival Gates. General Admission tickets can be purchase here. Main Customer Service area. Open Saturday, July 20th at 10AM.

+ Campground Rules

• Camping is for all ages, however only those 18+ are permitted to purchase camping spaces.
• All campers above the age of 12 are required to purchase general admission tickets.
• A maximum of 6 persons allowed per site – for maximum comfort we encourage between 4-6 people per campsite.
• All vehicles and persons will be subject to search upon entering the grounds and prohibited items can be disposed of before entering.
• Campers over the age of 19 are allowed one bulk item of alcohol per person. A bulk item is defined as one 24-case (cans) of beer, one 26oz. bottle of alcohol or one 4L of wine. Please no glass containers of any kind.
• We ask you keep the peace and quiet after 1:00AM as not to disrupt nearby campers.
• No pets are allowed in the camping grounds or into the main entertainment area, with the exception being service animals.
• Any item that can be used as a weapon is prohibited. Please pre-cut all meats and other items that may require knives or scissors.
• No confederate flags
• No open flame policy: No fires, fireworks, floating lanterns, or tiki torches, with the exception being small cooking appliances – propane only. Propane container must not exceed 1 pound. Max (3) 1 pound containers per campsite. Appliances should only be used from 7AM-1AM and not be left unattended.
• No golf carts or other motorized modes of transportation. Bicycles will be permitted in the camping areas.
• Vehicles allowed on the campgrounds must remain parked and can only be moved when entering/exiting.
• No drones or remote-operated, and/or autonomous vehicles of any kind.
• The use of illegal substances will result in immediate removal from the campgrounds.

+ Campground Services

• Portable water is provided in the camping grounds for water bottle refills
• Pump and water trucks will patrol the RV camping grounds. Prices will be posted closer to the event date.
• Showers will be available in the campgrounds. Showers will be open Saturday, July 20th from 7am to 7pm. Pricing will be posted closer to the event date.
• Food vendors will be located in the campgrounds and will operate Friday through Sunday

+ Performance Area

Items you may bring into the Main Entertainment Area
• Point-and-shoot disposable cameras.
• Small, collapsible umbrellas.
• Soft-sided coolers.
• Lawn chairs.
• Small bags, purses, and fanny packs, subject to inspection.
• Cell phones.
• Liquid sunscreen and cosmetic products.
• Prescription medication, provided the medications are in an identifiable prescription container and the individual has identification to associate them to the prescription.
• One factory-sealed plastic drink container.
• Plastic refillable drink containers – must be empty.

Items you may not bring into the Main Entertainment Area
• No outside food or beverages including alcohol, with the exception of one sealed water bottle.
• No drugs and/or drug paraphernalia of any kind.
• No glass of any kind.
• No hard shell coolers.
• No floating lanterns.
• No megaphones or air-horns.
• No large bags or backpacks.
• No focus light beam devices, including laser pointers.
• No balloons, balls, Frisbees, and/or any other projectiles.
• No fireworks, sparklers, and/or firecrackers.
• No animals – only service animals allowed with current rabies vaccination.
• No gang clothing and/or gang support shirts.
• No aerosol cans of any kind.
• No large umbrellas.
• No flyers/stickers/posters.
• No drones.
• No professional still camera equipment (no detachable lenses, tripods, large zoom lenses, and/or commercial-use camera assemblies)
• No single-lens reflex cameras, including digital single-lens reflex cameras (SLR/DSLR)
• No professional video or audio recording equipment of any kind.
• No water guns, water balloons, and/or any other kind of water projectile.

+ Other Info

• All sales are final.
• No refunds or exchanges.
• Big Sky Music Festival is rain or shine.
• Performers and lineup are subject to change without notice.
• Big Sky Music Festival and Burl’s Creek Event Grounds are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged material. It is recommended that you do not bring valuable items.
• Any person(s) found fighting or threatening other festival attendees or festival staff will immediately be evicted from the event without refund.
• No public indecency or defecation anywhere on the event grounds. • No confederate flags.
• Prices are subject to change without notice.

+ Lost and Found

• Lost and found will be located at the Info Booths in the camping area and entertainment area. If you happen to find a lost item please take it to lost and found.

+ What If I Am Getting Dropped Off?

• If you are getting dropped off, drop offs/pick-ups will be located at line 7.

+ Will There Be ATMS On-Site

• There will be ATMs on-site at the shower/vendor area in camping and in the entertainment space. There will not be ATMS at the parking and camping entrance.


• Prescription medication is permitted on the grounds. It must be in the original prescription bottle. Guest must have photo ID that matches the name on the prescription.
• Certified service animals that are trained to assist an individual with an accessibility are allowed at Big Sky Music Festival. Service animals must be under the control of their owner at all times. They must remain on-leash and next to their owner at all times.
• There will be accessible platforms located within the main entertainment area. Access to the platforms will be restricted to those with an accessible need.
• All restroom areas are portable toilets. These are accessible to our patrons with accessible needs. Please see the site map or contact the nearest event staff worker for exact locations.


• Keeping Burl’s Creek beautiful is important to us, so we encourage campers to use the Trash Trading Post in the campgrounds. Each time you bring in a full bag of garbage you’ll receive a gift from us!