payment plans

Payment Plans


Go easy on your wallet and use our simple payment plan to split your order into three manageable payments.

Yes – you read that right! Buy now, pay later. We know that sometimes money can be a little tight, so we wanted to help out.

Purchaser must agree to the Payment Plans Terms & Conditions, including a default policy.

Payment Prices

1st Payment – 40% Deposit (+ all fees & HST)

2nd Payment – 30% Payment

3rd Payment – 30% Payment

Here’s the payment schedule that won’t break the bank:

40% down payment is required for your purchase.

After the first payment, two (2) additional payments will be automatically deducted from the card you used to make the down payment on the following dates:

2nd PaymentApril 1st, 2019

3rd PaymentMay 31st, 2019

A convenience fee has been added to the admission ticket included in the payment plan.

13% HST and all service fees will be charged on first payment.  

Default on payments will result in cancellation of your order, loss of down payment, and loss of any payments made prior to cancellation. It is your responsibility to manage your payment plan. You must pay attention to your bank and credit card statements to make sure your payment is successfully completed on each scheduled date. You will be granted a 10 day grace period from each scheduled payment date to process any missed payments, and instructions will be emailed from Ticketmaster to do so. If your payment is not made in full by the tenth day after the payment due date, your order will be cancelled and you will forfeit all amounts paid up to that point.

All purchases and partial purchases are non-refundable. If you fail, for any reason, to pay any of the installments you will void your ticket and you will not receive a refund.